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Frequently asked questions

What will happen if I skip my monthly premiums?

If a client skips one month, B3 will expect a premium of two months the following month.

What will happen if I lose my job and I can no longer afford to pay the premium?

The policy will lapse after 2 consecutive months due to non-payment of premiums.

What happens when my child turns 21 years old?

A child that is over 21 and still schooling will be covered , a letter confirming the same from a registered institution should be sent through to us. The child also needs to be registered as a full time student at the time of death.

Can I cover extended family members?

Extended family members can be covered in the policy but this will mean an additional premium.

In the event of death, how long will it take for my claim to be paid out?

A claim takes up to 48hours to be paid out, as long as all the required documentation has been submitted.

How will I be kept informed about the processes of my claim?

As soon as a claim has been registered, an SMS is sent to the client to confirm that it has been received and captured.

If I have insurance cover with B3, can I claim cash for me to get another funeral undertaker to do my funeral?

A client can claim out cash and use another funeral service provider. It takes up to 48hours for the claim to be assessed and paid, providing that all required documents have been submitted.

What documents do I need to have for my claim to be processed?
  • A fully completed claim form (completed and signed by the claimant )
  • Certified ID copy of the deceased and claimant
  • Certified copy of the death certificate of the deceased.
  • A copy of the form : BI1663 For unnatural deaths.
  • A “statement by the police”
  • 3 months proof of payment
  • Burial order from the funeral parlour
  • Confirmation letter from the funeral parlour conducting the funeral.
  • If the deceased is a spouse, a marriage certificate or Affidavit confirming common law marriage.
  • If the child is over 21 and still schooling, a letter confirming the same from a registered institution is needed. The child must also be registered as a full time student at the time of death.
What will happen if I don’t have all the required documents at my disposal?

Should it happen that a client does not have all the required documents, the client will be requested to fax or email the outstanding documents, this in turn will delay the process of the claim.

Can a claim be paid after the funeral?

A claim can be lodged within a period of 3months after the death of the insured person.

Who are the claimants on a policy?

The nominated beneficiary is the claimant. In a case that the deceased was married, the spouse can lodge a claim.

If there are two policies covering the deceased and the funeral is conducted by B3 funerals, can I receive my claim value in cash?

In this case we add the policies if B3 is conducting the funeral.

What to do when a death occurs?

Call our nearest B3 office or our national emergency numbers when death strikes.

What are my benefits as a B3 policy holder?
  • B3 has a National footprint
  • Professional & courteous staff
  • National emergency numbers can be used afterhours to report death
  • 4 options of paying premiums to select from: BDO, cash, Private stop order & Government stop order
  • An Executive fleet is available
  • State of the art mortuary facilities
  • Pre funeral fund
  • Funeral fund
  • Accidental death is covered after receipt of first premium
What will the B3 funerals packages include?

B3 funeral service provides affordable tailor made packages which include:

  • Removal and administration of death certificate
  • Storage and delivery of the body
  • Grave marker
  • Funeral notices
  • Programmes to guests
  • A Coffin spread
  • Arrangement and facilitation with suppliers of accessories & tombstones.
  • Hearse and family cars
  • Graveside preparation
  • Branded still water
What happens if the main member passes on?

The spouse can be the main member and continue to pay the premiums. In the case that there is no spouse, an extended member covered in the policy will continue be the main member and continue paying.

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