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About Us

Established in 1991 The Batho Batsho Bakopane (B3) started as a broad insurance broking business.

In the 80’s, they saw the gap in insurance policies not focussed on funeral policies. This is when they started dedicating to funeral services as a whole.

Our Story

What We Do & How We Got Here

B3 is an Authorised Financial Services Provider. The Batho Batsho Bakopane (B3) was established by inspired and resourceful Business Professionals in June 1991 as a broad insurance broking business. It is fully owned and managed by black entrepreneurs. The end of the 80’s saw the marketing of funeral policies taking a less prominent role in the life assurance industry, save for the provision of such products through group schemes and no longer as individual family policies.

B3 adjusted its marketing strategy accordingly and the rise of a new force in the marketing of funeral policies began. Entry into the funeral undertaking business became a natural and logical move after the success of the funeral assurance business.

The arrival of B3 in these sectors of business laid the foundation for higher competitive business practices and B3 relentlessly became the trendsetters. Today B3 is a well-known brand for the provision of funeral services and assurance.

B3 has its roots firmly set in the African tradition of Ubuntu. This philosophy can be described as “we are who we are because the people recognised and appreciated that we should be”.

A big majority of our success comes from the fact that we treat our clients with the utmost respect and compassion. Due to the nature of a funeral, people are often in a very emotional place when they contact us. We offer the best quality service and try to give our clientele more than what they pay for.

One of the biggest strengths is our ability to show compassion and remorse for every single person that we deal with. A funeral is a very sad day in any persons’ life, and we realise this. This support structure has seen many of our clients praising our service, and this is a testament to our willingness to make you feel at ease during this turbulent time.

Our Company Mission & Vision

Our ethos is firmly ingrained in the philosophy of Ubuntu which is “we are who we are because the people recognised and appreciated that we should be”. This means that we as people, can only be truly successful if we treat others with respect and offer them all the help that we can. As a funeral service and assurance provider, we seek to do this for our clients by constantly exceeding their expectations.


To provide innovative satisfaction on product quality to our clients through the utilisation of:

  • Professional and courteous staff
  • Advanced technology and cutting edge control systems
  • Tailor-made products with superior quality control


We envision ourselves as being the number one choice in Funeral Assurance Brokerage and Unique Funeral Services to all the stakeholders in our industry.


Our company values are orientated towards the following:

  • Consistent and tradition-based customer service
  • Excellence service
  • Forward-thinking and vision
  • Innovative products and services
  • Constant reviewing of our products and service to align with our clients’ expectations.

B3 is 100% black-owned

Meet Our Board of Directors

Matthews Mogafe

Matthews Mogafe

Mr. Matthews Sekgweng Mogafe, at the age of 14, started selling sweets and other soft products to help raise his siblings. He made a small amount of...

N Matsepe

N Matsepe

Mr N Matsepe has 25 years of experience in the Insurance and Funeral service industry. When B3 started in Limpopo in April 1993, he was part of the...

I Mogafe

I Mogafe

Ms Itu Mogafe, H.O.D Administration and regional head of Free State Province has Business Management and Bachelor of Business Admin ( BBA). Ms Itu...

P Kekana

P Kekana

Ms PK Kekana was  a mathematics teacher at a high school for 22 years until she joined Liberty Life in late 1997 and achieved a Gold Classic Status...

JB Mogafe

JB Mogafe

Mr Demist, as he is affectionately known, Mogafe boasts almost 30 years of experience in the insurance and financial planning fields. He has cut his...