All successful brands go through a number of growth phases: From inception to growth and, finally, to maturity. The B3 brand has recently given its logo a facelift. The logo has been the symbol of the brand since the company’s inception almost three decades ago.

As the market leader in the funeral services and insurance brokerage industry, we have to continue to set the pace and trends that will shape the industry’s future. Having been in the industry for 26 years, B3 has managed to transform an industry merely associated with grief and sadness into one associated with memorable moments; we encourage our clients to celebrate life in an elegant manner.

Since the beginning, we have been on a journey of discovering new heights and setting new trends; we have brought sophistication and humility to the insurance and funeral services industry. The redesigned B3 logo reflects our desire to keep up with new trends in the graphic design world. Our new logo is bolder, and it reflects the company’s steadfastness in the market. Unlike our old logo, the new design is visible in the dark, clear for all to see.
As we reflect on the 26 years of excellence and trend-setting in our industry, the new-age approach should be one of seeking new challenges and new heights.
We wish to invite you to come along with us a new journey of seeking new ways to celebrate the lives of our loved ones after they have passed on; we can all have a sense of peace, knowing that we are covered in the eventually of death in the family. B3 will continue to forge ahead in finding ways to turn difficult and sad moments of bereavement into moments of celebrating life and highlighting accomplishments during death of loved one, while bringing a sense of dignity.

The Following Are Elements Of The New Logo:

Dark blue and white
Clean and sophisticated look& feel