Unlike other types of insurance, Funeral Insurance is acquired for a specific event: your funeral or that of a loved one.

Generally, Funeral Policies pay out a lump sum within 48 hours of the approved insurance claim. This lump sum is paid to the person nominated on the funeral policy. 

The person nominated can use this amount to ensure you or your family member have a dignified funeral whilst allowing those left behind to continue their current lifestyle. 

If the deceased is the household’s sole breadwinner, families are often forced to use whatever resources available if the deceased does not have Funeral Insurance. 

Your family can use the insurance payout for:

  • Transporting family to the burial
  • Transporting the deceased to the place of burial
  • A funeral tent
  • Catering for the attendees of the funeral 
  • Airtime so your family can arrange and communicate the details of the event
  • Flowers and decorations for the funeral
  • A tombstone

Funeral costs can reach over R15 000 or more depending on the specifics of the funeral. Losing a family member is a stressful situation, and Funeral Insurance from B3 helps to ease some of the pressures of saying goodbye to a loved one. 

Why you should consider Funeral Insurance from B3:

We offer support in Difficult Times

Losing a family member is a traumatic experience. Not being able to give them the funeral that they deserve is devastating. Having Funeral Insurance allows you to feel at ease with your financial situation during a horrible period.

Make the Funeral Process Smoother and Quicker

Funeral Insurance helps shorten the process by providing almost immediate funds. This will allow funeral plans to be set in motion sooner rather than spending time gathering and collecting funds. 

Lengthening the funeral process is also stressful for the people who are grieving. Depending on the payout amount, you might be able to cover additional services such as emergency medical assistance, HIV/AIDS counselling, trauma support, as well as legal and debt assistance.

You can look after your Family Members.

Funeral Insurance is not just for you. B3 offers policies that cover your extended family. If a close family member passes away, you will be able to pay for a dignified funeral without having to worry about money.

Take a look at what your current position looks like. If you are currently looking after multiple extended family members, add them to your funeral policy to ensure you are all adequately covered. 

You are Thinking about the Future

It’s never pleasant to have to think about a future where you or one of your close family members no longer exist. But it is necessary to ensure you can focus on grieving instead of having added stress of financial strain.

Contact B3 to talk about Funeral Insurance that works for you and your family.