“Market Leaders in Financial and Funeral Services across Southern Africa”

About Us

Our Story

B3 is an Authorized Financial Services Provider. The Batho Batsho Bakopane (B3) organisation was established by enthused and inventive Business Professionals in June 1991, as a broad insurance brokage business. The business owned and managed by black economic entrepreneurs. With the exception of offering products through group schemes and no longer as individual family policies, we observed the marketing of funeral policies playing a less significant role in the life assurance sector in the late 1980s.
B3 changed its marketing approach in response, and the development of a new force in the promotion of funeral policies started. After the success of the funeral assurance industry, a move into the funeral undertaking industry seemed both reasonable and natural.
Our entry into these industries assisted to lay the groundwork for more confident corporate practices, and the company never stopped setting trends. Today, B3 is a well-known brand for offering assurance and funeral services.
Ubuntu is an African philosophy which serves as the underpinning of B3. The Ubuntu phrases “we are who we are because of the people we serve. Hence, we are recognized and acknowledged for service beyond Ubuntu. Serving our clients with the uppermost respect and compassion is our fundamental contributor to our success. We strive to provide our clients with greater service and go beyond.

One of our greatest assets is our capacity to express empathy and regret for each person with whom we come into contact. We are aware that a funeral is a terribly sad day in anyone’s life. Our support system has led to many of our clients applauding our service, which serve as evidence of our desire to put you at ease during distressing time.