As a responsible corporate citizen, B3 invests in the community by funding diverse projects and initiatives that are aimed at developing the community. As a business, we are passionate about sports and music; we believe that they play an important role in improving communities, and it is through these two social instruments that we strive to have a positive impact on society.

The annual B3 Golf Day is organised solely for the benefit of the Kwa-Thema Stimulation Centre, a centre that houses more than 80 children from Springs who have various types of disabilities; we have been in partnership with the Kwa-Thema Stimulation Centre for more than 10 years. Through the partnership, the Kwa-Thema Stimulation Centre has benefited from donations made available in the form of transport provision, building of extra classrooms and financial aid raised from the annual B3 Golf Day. Every year, B3 hosts a Christmas function at the centre and provides food hampers for the children to take with them when they visit their families during the Christmas holidays.

Mrs Miriam Ndebele, the founder of Kwa-Thema Stimulation Centre, has a passion for children with disabilities. As a parent of a child born with a disability, she has made it her moral obligation to ensure that no child in Springs goes to bed without food, and she works hard to ensure that these children are not neglected by the community. It was her dedication and passion that attracted B3 to her cause.

B3 also funds Phidisang Bana, another centre for disabled children, which is located in Bethlehem, in the Free State. Phidisang Bana is the beneficiary of the annual B3 Phidisang Bana Golf Day, which is held at Clerens Country Club. This event encourages all amateur black golfers and businesses to play the beautiful game of golf for charity. So far, B3 has been able to raise funds for the centre to provide transport and build extra classrooms; we also provide them with much needed financial aid.